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Jackie Ward

Qualified Naturopath 10+ years experience

Jaclyn Ward is a qualified Naturopath with over 11 years experience within the natural health industry. Jaclyn started her career in exercise physiology and die...

April Wood

Acupuncturist and Birth Worker

I am the owner of Nurturing Life, I aim to empower everyone to live enriched, and nurtured lives. I studied at Australian College of Natural Medicine (now kn...

Christine Ford

Lifestyle Counsellor & Hypnotherapist

Quit Smoking Anxiety Specialist When I began my studies in a Diploma of Professional Counselling, I was as curious to see how counselling would benefit me,...

Victor Wu

Experienced Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and sports Medicine for 33 years

Dr Wu comes from a five generation traditional Chinese medicine family and graduated from a medical college on 1982 in China. Dr Wu has been practiced Chinese...

Bridget Jane Thompson

Experienced Dietitian/ Weight loss, Health, Energy Expert

Having been an overweight child growing into one of the happiest, healthiest people I know, I turned my own personal journey into a career. It s my JOY and PA...

karuna tohow


My name is Karuna Tohow. I have been running a Natural Medical Clinic for 25 years. I also lecuture in Homeopathic hospitals and colleges and in Ayurved...

Simon Feeney

Classical Chinese Medicine Practitioner and hand made medicine producer

My primary focus has been on the classical practices techniques in the canonical texts of Chinese Medicine. At my clinic we hand make the original medicines o...

Karen Chipperton

Registered Nurse and Naturopath of 30 years experience

l feel passionate and dedicated in helping people resolve health issues and to reach their fullest potential. Over 30 years l have helped many hundreds of coupl...

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