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Tim Brown

Aromatherapy Consultant

Discover how you can better your sleeping, energy levels and lifestyle through aromatherapy! Hi, Im a consultant for natural therapies and alternative medici...

Anke Koelman

When you change your health you change your life!

Hi, My name is Anke Koelman and I started this journey as a biochemist.

Estelle Schmitt

Dietician, Aromatherapist, Personal development coach & Emotional awareness

Estelle blends her knowledge in nutrition, aromatherapy, personal development and her life experiences to assist you in your life s challenges. Your physical, e...

Fay Fain

Specialising in digestive health and wellness for 30 years

Specialise in Digestive Health and wellness. Qualified Nutritionist, Western Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Colon Hydrotherapy plus other digestive certificatio...


Experienced Aromatherapist +16 years

Experienced Aromatherapist with specific interest in blending customised essential and massage oils.

Gregory Barnes

Passionate Natural Therapist 20+ years experience

I was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. After winning multiple awards in the Horticultural Trade and a brief stint working in Electronic Security...

Jane Deans

Experienced Naturpath and Medical Herbalist with 15+ years experience

JANE DEANS ADASH NAT (H) WBM (H) I am an experienced Naturopath with over 15 years experience. I integrate my scientific knowledge in healthcare with my pas...

Leslie Black

Experienced Bowen Therapist and Diet & Lifestyle Coach

Having practiced successfully in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast-Tweed Areas since 1990. Specialising in muscular skeletal injuries, and inner health for Mo...

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