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Matthew James

Maximise productivity through diet

Hi, my name is Matt. I am a personal trainer and and lover of all things health. I can assist you in developing a plan for a balanced lifestyle, increasing e...

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Jackie Ward

Qualified Naturopath 10+ years experience

Jaclyn Ward is a qualified Naturopath with over 11 years experience within the natural health industry. Jaclyn started her career in exercise physiology and die...

Dave Johnston

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Unlike other personal trainers, I use actual science to obtain results! I also conduct an initial assessment where I take a detailed history and conduct a Funct...

Deepak Gupta

Experienced Naturopath

Hello there. My name is Deepak, a certified Naturopath based in Brisbane. I have been practising as a certified consultant for 4 years. I can help you with...

karuna tohow


My name is Karuna Tohow. I have been running a Natural Medical Clinic for 25 years. I also lecuture in Homeopathic hospitals and colleges and in Ayurved...

Cristina Vitellone

Living in health with food as medicine!

Providing professional nutritional and natural medicine based healthcare.

Darren Walsh

At Inner Tradition we see true health as involving more than just promoting improved function. Our practitioners work to restore a connection to the inner fire...

Sally Bell-Cross

Nutritionist - Digestive Wellness

Sally Bell-Cross (B.Hlth.Sc.(Nut), A Nutr) specialises, and has keen professional interest in Nutritional Gut Therapies. Sally believes deeply in a model of hea...

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