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Jackie Ward

Qualified Naturopath 10+ years experience

Jaclyn Ward is a qualified Naturopath with over 11 years experience within the natural health industry. Jaclyn started her career in exercise physiology and die...

April Wood

Acupuncturist and Birth Worker

I am the owner of Nurturing Life, I aim to empower everyone to live enriched, and nurtured lives. I studied at Australian College of Natural Medicine (now kn...

Victor Wu

Experienced Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and sports Medicine for 33 years

Dr Wu comes from a five generation traditional Chinese medicine family and graduated from a medical college on 1982 in China. Dr Wu has been practiced Chinese...

Camilla Gold

Homeopathic Counsellor and Wellness Coach

I am a fully registered and qualified Homeopath. I hold a Bachelor of Health Science and have a thorough grounding in mental and physical pathology, hypnotherap...

karuna tohow


My name is Karuna Tohow. I have been running a Natural Medical Clinic for 25 years. I also lecuture in Homeopathic hospitals and colleges and in Ayurved...

Karen Chipperton

Registered Nurse and Naturopath of 30 years experience

l feel passionate and dedicated in helping people resolve health issues and to reach their fullest potential. Over 30 years l have helped many hundreds of coupl...

Cristina Vitellone

Living in health with food as medicine!

Providing professional nutritional and natural medicine based healthcare.

Sally Bell-Cross

Nutritionist - Digestive Wellness

Sally Bell-Cross (B.Hlth.Sc.(Nut), A Nutr) specialises, and has keen professional interest in Nutritional Gut Therapies. Sally believes deeply in a model of hea...

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