Seven Basic Rules For Good Health and Weight Management:

I work with professional women and working mothers who are struggling with daily stress and weight retention. Approximately one in three women (and one in four men) in the US are on a diet. There are over 100 dietary theories -- it is endless! It should be a crime how tricked we are by false health claims on labels, packaging and advertising. Even government guidelines are sometimes influenced by corporate agendas. We are bio individuals. Our bodies are incredible organic machines that we want to re-connect with. More than anything we want to feed our bodies real food and we want to enjoy eating what works for us. 

I am here to help you transform the way you see and understand food and health, as I’ve been transformed. I want to guide you to make choices that work for you, that bring you closer to your healthiest version of yourself. Conceptually, it’s as simple as eating less sugar and processed (artificial) food. Practically, it requires changing habits and that takes guidance and support. I don’t diagnose, prescribe or treat. I guide and support you by providing the information and accountability you’re looking for. I’m here to be the link between your health and your life. 

Our bodies are self healing organisms, but they need the right fuel. There are Seven Basic Rules on good health and weight loss and management:

1.     Stabilize blood sugar: Headaches, tired, “hangry”, metabolism out of whack. This is all part of a need to regulate hunger (and blood sugar), e.g., eating three or five balanced meals a day. Having healthy snacks with a balance of protein and fiber (nuts and apple, greek yogurt, etc.).

2.     Calm inflammation: Inflammation is healthy at the right levels but when it becomes chronic it can lead to disease. We need balanced fats. Omega 6 and 3 are very important. We generally get the 6 but we need Omega 3. High quality fish oil, more salmon, sardine, trout….

3.     Add volume to our meals. Put your favorite greens with every protein. Have as many healthy, leafy, protein based veggies as you want. Accompany with healthy fats. 

4.     Satisfy cravings -- they cannot be ignored (maybe sometimes, try 4 minute rule if in doubt of legitimacy). What can I eat instead of the Gummy Bears after lunch?

5.     Add activity and daily movement. Once a weight loss plateau is hit, time to build muscle, this will increase metabolism.

6.     Keeping a food diary works!

7.     Start cooking. Food is part of our culture.

I am a student of post modern nutrition which recognizes that what feeds us is not limited to what’s on our plate. My next insight will focus on healthy lifestyle tips.


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Holistic Health Coach
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Kate Sheridan Chung

Holistic Health Coach: “Let medicine be your food and food (and lifestyle) be your medicine” - Hippocrates

I work with professional women and working mothers who are struggling with daily stress and weight r...

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