Stress is you biggest enemy!!

When you become aware that physical illnesses are in almost 95% of cases as a direct or indirect result of unhealthy STRESS, then that is a good reason to be DI... STRESSED!!

In order to restore your body back to healthy and normal balance status, you need to consider giving attention to reducing stress that is not good for you.

Reducing stress is not a mathematical equation or scientific formula that you need to study to find the solution. It can be simple steps that you can be guided to do. These include :-

1. Deep breathing exercises

2. Relaxation sessions

3. Meditation

4. Yoga

5. Exercise

6. Good sleeping

7. Good eating

8. Laughter

9. Vacation

10. Stop worrying

Are these so difficult? If not all start with some and move from DISTRESSED to NO STRESS and BE HAPPY!!

Contact me to discuss where you are on the stress scale and let's work out how you can get stress under control instead of it controlling you....



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