How it works

Getting expert health advice has just become easier. Not you can get a private and confidential meeting with a leading expert from anywhere in the world. We will show you in a few easy steps how to get the right advice to better your lifestyle.


Step 1 - Browse

Our community is built on the premise of making the world a healthier place by exchanging knowledge and wisdom. Take some time to browse through our experts who specialise in everything from aromatherapy to treatment of sports injuries.

You can also browse by category or search for specific expertise.

Step 2 - Select

Search through the range of experts until you find one that caters for your needs. Ensure you review their bio and qualifications as well as feedback that may have been left by previous users. After finding the right expert, start the process of scheduling them by hitting the book now button.


Step 3 - Schedule

Use our dynamic and live scheduling process to pick a date and a time that suits you. The schedule will only show availability that the expert has indicated as free-time.

Keep in mind, if you are booking an expert on the other side of the planet, try to be considerate with the time difference!

Step 4 - Pay & Confirm

Once your schedule is completed, a payment via Visa, Mastercard or AMEX will be required in Escrow for the appointment.

We understand that sometimes things in life happen and appointments can't be attended, so if you miss the appointment, your money will be refunded less a small 15% penalty fee fully payable to the expert.


Step 5 - Meet

When the time comes, you will receive an email with a unique link to the appointment. Access the appointment straight from your browser and attend the meeting with your chosen expert. Soak up the information and enjoy professional advice straight from the expert as if it was a face to face meeting.

The meeting is also accessible via smartphone on iOS and android.

Step 6 - Review

Following your appointment, it's time to do the expert and community a favour by rating your experience during the meeting and the quality of information received.

You will be asked to provide a short comment and rate your experience in stars. Be honest!


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