Robert Paynter

Robert Paynter

Wellness guru who lives a full, varied and adventure filled life. Easy to talk to counsellor, reiki, confidante.

I am a qualified counsellor, a good leader, motivator and adventurous lifestyle seeker.  I am well travelled to more than 60 countries around the world. Life is about lots of successes and failures, fun and no fun, ups and downs, good company and alone time. All making an eclectic mix of living experiences which made me a good guru for lifestyle wellness and mental health.

As a senior business executive for over 35 years around Africa and Europe, I have lots of experience dealing with senior executives, but engage very well with all types of people. Its my nature guru gift!!

Although I obtained my diploma in Counselling from  a College of Applied Pychology, is not only theory, but I am regarded by some, from my practical experience,  as a real life guru expert specialist !!  

I look forward to meeting you and developing a beneficial relationship.

  • Name:Robert Paynter
  • Joined:Nov 2017
  • Experience:3 years
  • Level:Graduate
  • Sessions:0
  • Avg Rating:0/5
  • Minimum Session:30 min
  • Maximum Session:90 min


Diploma in Counselling and Communication 2013 - 2015

Expert Availability (Timezone: Africa/Johannesburg GMT+02:00)

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