sean crust

sean crust

Providing Holistic Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy Interventions for life problems not easily overcome with conscious thought.

With many years of clinical and professional experience, Sean Crust has an outstanding reputation as a Holistic Hypnotherapist, and has continually demonstrated expertise in the treatment of problems such as stress, phobias, motivation, self-esteem, insomnia, weight loss, smoking, pain management, anxiety, depression and for those other life problems not easily overcome with conscious thought. Prior to offering this more flexible service, Sean had established a very successful well being centre at Toowoomba, for 2 years, he helped hundreds of clients move forward with their lives. Sean Crust Holistic Hypnotherapy has been established to cater for the demand of a more cost effective services,, Sean offers his services in Toowoomba and North Brisbane Sean is firm in his commitment and belief of empowering his clients for change and during therapy endeavours to teach them skills and techniques to enable themselves in becoming happier and more successful in their lives. Working in line with a client’s needs, Sean utilises his skills to bring about rapid and lasting change to assist clients in achieving fast and positive results. Most clients requiring a minimum number of sessions (usually 2-6 sessions). He adopts an integrated approach to therapy, drawing from his years of experience as a therapist and from ongoing development and study. New clients are continuously coming from referrals from happy clients. ​ Qualification: ​ Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner (Tad James) Holistic lifestyle coaching (CHEK Institute) LV 1 Cerf IV Hypnotherapy Dip of counselling ​

  • Name:sean crust
  • Joined:Sep 2017
  • Experience:2 years
  • Level:Practitioner
  • Sessions:0
  • Avg Rating:0/5
  • Minimum Session:30 min
  • Maximum Session:90 min

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